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Fluid Ecologies [Greenland] (2015)

Intervention series comprising performance, text, and installation, created by Cara Davies, Ashleigh Bowmott, Mads Floor Andersen and Joseph Dunne as part of Tracing The Pathway.
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Fluid Ecologies was a research project exploring social forms of knowledge exchange through the development of temporary communities, collectives, and collaborations.

The second iteration was Breathing Shadows at Nuuk Kunstmuseum, Greenland in June 2015. This iteration had an explicit site-responsive focus, exploring the development of a temporary community within the remarkable Greenlandic landscape.


As community plays an extraordinary role in Greenlandic life and so too did our activities during our research time.  Our curiosity was piqued by attending children’s birthday parties, learning dance routines during the celebrations of the Greenlandic National Day, singing live with Nina Kreutzmann (one of Greenland’s most famous pop singers), and exploring the archives Niels Lynge (an important historical figure and artist in Greenland). Our playful mode of research resulted in the development of a paper installation and environment in which, positioned like an iceberg within the Nuuk Kunstmuseum, small nonverbal classes were held with a group of local school children. Within the  Breathing Shadows installation, we also delivered a live performance which was telematically broadcast to an audience in Denmark and the Faroe Islands.

Practically the protocol is a support tool to guide anyone stepping over the threshold of the archive. It encourages and inspires an embodied approach to entering a space that operates in a systematic way, with a specific mode of governance. It asks people to question: how can you work with your body in this space? How can you work with the rules, and around them?

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