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Fluid Ecologies [Finland] (2015)

Intervention series comprising performance, text, and installation, created by Cara Davies, Ashleigh Bowmott, Mads Floor Andersen and Joseph Dunne as part of Tracing The Pathway.
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Fluid Ecologies was a research project exploring social forms of knowledge exchange through the development of temporary communities, collectives, and collaborations.


The first iteration, The Hoppy Hoppy Sparrow took place in Helsinki in May 2015 and coalesced around one tonne of soil to form a social space in the centre of the LAPSody performance festival in Helsinki.


The Hoppy Hoppy Sparrow engages multiple bodies in reflexive acts, to cognate what it means to create. It invited participants to spend the breaks between the LAPSody Festival programme to plant seeds in a dialectic relationship between two bodies. Sharing drinks, songs, and stories across multiple languages, backgrounds, and age ranges, beautiful thoughts, and connections were encouraged to emerge from the act of planting seeds in order to propagate new understandings of one’s artistic practice and one’s appreciation of life. The installation was the most visited of the festival.

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